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20 universities and colleges join forces with Bodyswaps to explore VR for learning

VR for learnign research

The Immersive Learning Research Programme aims to demonstrate the potential of VR for teaching students essential soft skills.

London, May 17th, 2022

Over 20 Further and Higher Education institutions in the US, UK, EU and Canada have joined the ILRP programme, one of the largest research programmes to date in Immersive Education. 

Throughout the six month programme, over 10,000 learners are expected to trial a range of VR experiences around soft skills such as active listening, giving feedback or answering job interview questions. The content is provided by Bodyswaps, a leading soft skills simulation software. The programme will aim to measure the students’ appetite for immersive learning as well as learning performance through behavioral metrics such as decision-making and confidence levels data.

“Our aim is to prepare students to be successful in their careers. With the last few years relying on students adapting to the online world, there has never been a greater demand for self-led development of soft skills. Through VR, students will be able to enhance their confidence and try a unique tech-enhanced approach to employability. We’re excited to take part in the programme and be pioneers in paving the future of careers focused immersive education.” said Emma Clarke, Communications & Engagement Manager, University of Liverpool

We’re moving into a new phase for the development of immersive learning. For institutions it’s not about just showcasing innovation anymore, it’s about delivering tangible students outcomes cost-effectively.” explained Christophe Mallet, CEO of Bodyswaps. “For us, the programme is about demonstrating how educators and technologists can work hand-in-hand to better prepare students to thrive in the new world of work.”

The findings will be published in a publicly available report in January 2023.

Full list of participating institutions: Atlantis University, Basingstoke College of Technology, Coleg y Cymoedd, George Brown College, Georgian College, Jewell Unlimited, Lethbridge College, the London Screen Academy, Sandwell College, South Essex University, University of Exeter, University of Liverpool, University of Suffolk, Wolverhampton City College, Writtle University College, Brag Enterprises, Downe House, Exeter College, Glasgow University, Southampton Council and IE Business School.

About BodyswapsBodyswaps is an award-winning immersive learning software designed to deliver lasting behavioural change. Their VR solutions create a safe space where learners can practise soft skills, with AI-enabled analytical feedback to accelerate personal development.

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