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EdTech Darling Shines as Finalist in the UK’s Elite Start-up Challenge

Women working on computer, an innovator in artificial intelligence solutions for higher education, proudly announces its selection as a finalist in the esteemed Digital Universities UK competition. This event, hosted annually by Times Higher Education (THE), convenes leaders from academia, industry, and policy-making to foster innovation and address the challenges of digital transformation in higher education.

Joey Lin, CEO of, reflects on this achievement:

“Our selection is a testament to our vision of using AI to revolutionise education. It honours our commitment to enhancing educational assessments and celebrates the dedication of our team to empowering educators with cutting-edge technology. Being shortlisted is not merely an accolade; it signifies our leadership in the digital evolution of education.”’s flagship platform, Key Evaluation & Assessment Tools Hub (KEATH), is central to this mission, providing adaptive learning solutions, personalised content, and predictive analytics to enhance the educational experience at universities and colleges. Their AI Assessment Assistant (AAA) offers precise feedback and assessments, focusing on “Educator-Centric Assessment” to enrich feedback and save educators time.

Professor Yu Xiong, Chair of the Board and Co-founder, and also the Associate Vice President of the University of Surrey, elaborates:

“ directly addresses the intensive task of grading and personalised feedback for extensive written assignments. Our technology not only streamlines this process but also enriches the educator-student connection, enhancing the overall teaching and learning experience with empathy and precision.”

Highlighting the platform’s capabilities, optimises its AI model for each assignment, dramatically reducing the time educators spend marking complex tasks such as dissertations and essays. “Our customised proprietary LLM, with its unique architecture focused on assessment and learning, achieves an accuracy rate of 95% with minimal input, easing the assessment load by up to 80%,” adds Imran Ali-Farzal, COO.’s innovative solutions, which also offer multi-modality and multilingual support, ensure precise grading and feedback across diverse materials, enhancing educators’ unique commenting and marking styles.

Since its launch in December 2023 at the House of Lords, has achieved remarkable milestones, including acceptance into the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub and presenting at The PIE Live: Europe. With collaborations established with dozens of universities worldwide, and their recent partnership signing with D2L, a global leader in learning innovation, is positioned at the forefront of educational technology innovation.

As prepares to pitch its innovations on April 16th alongside four other promising start-ups, this finalist selection in the Digital Universities UK Start-up Competition is a pivotal moment, inspiring further innovation and setting the stage for to help shape the future of education.

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