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Future opportunities for education technology in England

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This report brings together the findings of:

  • rapid literature review
  • interviews with international EdTech experts
  • workshops with teachers and EdTech sector representatives
  • a nationally representative survey of teachers

It includes an overview of the EdTech sector globally, identifying digitally mature countries and examining emerging technology.

It presents findings on how to optimise the use of EdTech by schools and colleges in England, starting with the needs and priorities of schools and colleges, followed by an exploration of potential solutions identified through the study.

Aims, objectives and the scope of the study

The main research aim was to better understand the future of the EdTech market in England, considering likely developments in digital technology and education policy.

The specific research objectives were to:

  • Assess the future of EdTech, including:
    • developments in the domestic education landscape that could change EdTech requirements
    • potential new areas for EdTech and the types of products that will be needed
    • changes to technology in the home environment, taking account of digital
    • identify barriers to achieving the future potential of EdTech
  • Provide international comparisons for EdTech use, specifically:
    • identify ongoing developments in EdTech in more digitally mature countries
  • Assess the opportunities and challenges for the adoption of new EdTech, including:
    • exploration of the capacity that schools and colleges/colleges will have in the next 10 years to implement new EdTech
    • identify how education settings would like to be supported to overcome implementation barriers

Read the report and its findings here.

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