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Nuance Hearing receives honourable mention in Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech

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Nuance Hearing, a leading provider of focused listening technology, today announced that it has received an honourable mention in Fast Company’s second annual Next Big Things in Techlist, honouring technology breakthroughs that promise to shape the future of industries—from agriculture and environment to productivity and artificial intelligence.

This year, 83 technologies developed by established companies, startups or research teams are highlighted for their cutting-edge advancements and potential to impact consumers, businesses and society overall.

While not all of the technological developments are available in the market yet, each one is reaching key milestones in order to have a proven impact in the next five years.

Fast Company also recognised 41 honourable mentions.

Nuance Hearing received an honourable mention in the education category for its development of the Voice Selector Study, an advanced directional microphone that uses beamform technology to aid attention and focus in the classroom by cutting through background noise, honing in on the teacher and tuning down everything else. ​

This allows for cognitive relief in terms of noise filtering and makes learning easier. Every classroom comes with distractions and disturbances, so filtering them out and focusing on the teacher’s voice is a challenge and requires cognitive effort for children.

In particular, kids who are diagnosed with ADHD, ADD, APD (Auditory Processing Disorder) and ASD (Autism), often find it harder than other children to focus and concentrate during lessons. It affects their ability to learn, and their experience in the classroom.

The Voice Selector Study helps children ignore the unwanted noise and distractions, and focus on the teacher to facilitate learning.

“We are thrilled to have received an honourable mention in Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech list this year. We make it our mission to provide meaningful, personal empowerment through technology and are very proud that our work with the Voice Selector Study is already helping pupils who struggle with focus to have a better experience in classroom environments.

We’re honoured to be listed amid such innovative companies and would like to congratulate them all on being included in the list.” says Ori Goren, CEO, Nuance Hearing.

“Technology breakthroughs and cutting-edge advancements promise to be the solution to some of the world’s most pressing issues.

Fast Company is excited to highlight some of the organizations, of all sizes and industry backgrounds, whose technology advancements today will lead to a better tomorrow,” says Brendan Vaughan, editor-in-chief of Fast Company.

Click here to see the final list.

The Winter 2022/2023 issue of Fast Company is available online now and will hit news stands on December 6.

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