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Alton College students impress at local gallery

Photography camera

A range of talented A Level students have been given the unique chance to showcase their exceptional artwork at a local gallery.

A Level students who study Graphics and Photography have had the exciting opportunity to display their work at Alton’s Allen Gallery until Sunday 31 December.

The gallery, which is open to the general public, currently showcases a variety of student’s artwork. The work on display also includes development work demonstrating the evolution of their ideas. A large variety of the graphics work on display is from the student’s end-of-year one exam project, where the themes included an environmental awareness campaign poster, the development of your local high street, or a brief to create a nighttime travel poster.

Over the two years, Graphics students learn a mix of digital and hand-drawn skills and have access to an array of equipment and materials including Adobe software, printing presses, and a vast collection of typography letter wood blocks. In Photography, students have use of a fully equipped darkroom and studios, teaching old-fashioned film development and printing, as well as working on digital SLR cameras. Students gain a thorough understanding of all skills in both courses, enabling them to progress their own ideas in year two as is evident at the exhibit with an excellent collection of work on display.

Graphics teacher Tozzy Bridger who has organised the exhibition says:

“We are an innovative department, currently working on a brief to create posters for the upcoming Alton Arts Festival and we have strong links with The UCA in Farnham. Our Graphics students have recently experienced a taster day in Farnham exploring the degree courses on offer, and they enjoyed a day trip to the V&A in London.

Our Graphics and Photography department is an exciting and encouraging creative space and I hope the work on display shows how brilliant and inspiring our students are. I hope viewers will enjoy the work as much as I enjoy teaching these amazing students.”

To come to the exhibition, visit the Allen Gallery at 10 – 12 Church Street, Alton, Hampshire. GU34 2BW. The gallery is open from 10:30 am – 4 pm and the exhibition is running until Sunday 31 December.

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