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BMet student’s progressive learning journey is enriched with a festive e-card design win

Talented BMet art and design student, Tom Lloyd, is ending the year with a BMet-wide Christmas e-card win, following a progressive learning development college journey.

Tom began his BMet Sutton Coldfield College journey in 2019, when he embarked on a Level 1 Foundation Learning Vocational Studies course – a subject which is geared towards supporting students with life skills that will help them advance in their classes and futures.

Since then, with hard work and determination, Tom has steadily progressed onto a Level 2 art and design course where he has constantly obtained distinctions and among other accolades, received a Student of the Year title.

Now on his Level 3 course, Tom is continuing to gain overall positive and top-level achievements, which have culminated this year with a winning BMet festive design.

The captivating design was selected from around 30 entry submissions from students across BMet’s colleges, competing for the coveted opportunity to be the chosen corporate Christmas card design to be sent as an e-card to college friends and partners.

Using top level graphic design illustrations with a focus on animations, Tom encapsulated the festive period in his own unique way, with vibrant colours and special effects.

With a short deadline, Tom was able to create the winning design in less than a week using Neon lighting to create the finished result. Speaking of his ever-growing accomplishments and successes, he said:

“I feel very happy to have the winning design, especially as I was up against stiff competition from students who produced amazing results.

“Winning has really exceeded my expectations and it was good to take part in a fun and rewarding project. I am so pleased that the idea I had in my head has worked out in such a positive way. I also developed my skills by watching YouTube tutorials, which all paid off.

“I have experienced and overcome a few challenges since coming to the college and I am pleased that I am able to add this achievement to others that I have had, thanks to the support of my tutors. Winning the competition is definitely a great way to end the year!”

BMet places huge significance on the progressive journeys and futures of students, no matter what level they come to colleges.

BMet’s Foundation Learning (Skills for Life) courses have proven to be instrumental in helping students like Tom reach their desired goals through supporting them to progress onto higher level courses.

Simon Gordon, Department Manager for Art and Design at BMet’s Sutton Coldfield College said:

“I am so very proud of Tom and what he has achieved. I am pleased to see his positive journey unfold which has seen him develop his confidence, abilities and skills.

“He has exemplary problem-solving skills and aesthetic awareness and he deserves all his accomplishments. The future is looking even brighter for Tom and I look forward to see him get even closer to his desired career.”

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