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Conference looks into the future of work

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Combining the best of the digital world and human skills is the key to business success in the 21st century –  a conference at the University of Winchester in the New Year looks at how to achieve this…

“The Future World of Work – Recruiting and Retaining the People You Need” takes place at the University’s West Downs Centre on January 9.

A team of experts has been lined up to explore and explain the ways in which work will change and the implications for recruitment and retention of talent.

One of the keynote speakers will be a futurologist, Dr Nicola Millard, Principal Innovation Partner at BT, whose presentation focuses on how to shape the future hybrid workplace.

“The future world of work was already being redefined by digital technologies before the pandemic hit,” says Nicola. “Now, as old and new ways of working collide, we have a unique opportunity to rethink things to make work work for people, productivity and the planet, whilst harnessing the best of both real and virtual worlds.”

Nicola combines thinking from psychology, anthropology, computing, and business to develop strategies for the workplace.

She was involved with some BT firsts, including the application of artificial intelligence into its call centres, experiments with home working, and helping to develop BT’s “net easy” customer score. 

The free conference has a range of workshops including:

  • How is AI advancing the workplace?
  • Managing and maintaining social connections in a digitised workplace 
  • Hampshire 2050
  • The complexities of bias in recruitment
  • Increasing diversity
  • How placements and internships can work for you

Attendees will also a chance to quiz their ‘employees of the future’ at a Q&A session with a panel of students from the University and other local Further Education providers.

The University of Winchester is among the top 10 universities in the UK for graduate outcomes with 92.8 per cent of students who graduated in 2021 going onto work and/or further study within 15 months according to the latest data from HESA ((Higher Education Statistics Agency).

Vice Chancellor of the University of Winchester Professor Sarah Greer said:

“As a university we prepare and train employees of the future, and to do this well. It is essential that we support and work closely with their potential employers.

“This conference will provide some valuable insights and advice for businesses in a time of rapid change.”

Additional speakers will be confirmed in the next few weeks. For more information on speakers, workshops and to register a place visit here

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