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Digital Poverty Alliance celebrates End Digital Poverty Day

The Digital Poverty Alliance (DPA), a charity campaign aiming to end digital poverty in the UK by 2030, is celebrating End Digital Poverty Day, hosting charity initiatives, supporting community events and offering online webinars.

End Digital Poverty Day, celebrated nationally on 12th September, is dedicated to raising awareness and promoting practical action to work towards ending digital poverty and empowering marginalised groups, including low-income families, rural communities, older people, and disadvantaged youth, supporting the 11 million people who currently experience digital exclusion.

Online events such as webinars, training opportunities and a roundtable discussion will take place hosted both by the DPA and the likes of NHS Trusts and Barclays, offering individuals and businesses of all sizes the opportunity to gain new skills, learn more about digital poverty and come together to share thoughts and campaign for change.

In person community events will also take place, hosted by various organisations, giving individuals the chance to attend workshops or drop-in sessions which offer skill development opportunities and an inclusive place to ask questions and learn, bringing together communities to end digital poverty for all.

In support of End Digital Poverty Day, a team of 25 will be participating in the North Run on the 10th of September, hoping to raise funds and awareness towards this vital cause. For fundraising ideas, please see the DPA’s fundraising pack.

Elizabeth Anderson, Interim Chief Executive of the Digital Poverty Alliance, said:

“As End Digital Poverty Day approaches, it acts as a reminder that millions of people across the country, of all ages, face digital exclusion. The effects of being digitally excluded are detrimental to an individual’s life chances and opportunities, excluding them from educational opportunities, limiting their ability to apply to and secure certain jobs and acting as a barrier to accessing services, such as online banking.”

“These are just a few examples of the disadvantages individuals face when they lack resources, connectivity or access to the digital world. End Digital Poverty Day is a fantastic way to support those who lack access, and we hope our community and wider supporters come together to promote the day, whether it be through fundraising activities, attending events, volunteering or simply promoting on social media. To achieve our goal of ending digital poverty by 2030 support must be shown and this day acts as the perfect opportunity to begin or continue advocating for this vital cause.”

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