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Embracing the Future: With hundo and AI learning

Embracing the Future: With hundo and AI learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming an indispensable force shaping our world, with the potential to revolutionise education and prepare students for the evolving job market. As we stand on the brink of a technological revolution, the urgency to equip the youth with AI skills is more evident than ever.

hundo is a transformative educational platform committed to enhancing global youth employment by preparing young people for the future of work. With a vision for inclusive and innovative learning, hundo leverages the power of AI to create personalised educational content accessible to students across diverse backgrounds.

hundo are excited to announce the Kickstarter campaign for their groundbreaking online programme, “AI Lessons For Students (& Parents).” is now live!

This course aims to bridge the gap between traditional education systems and the pressing demand for AI literacy in the workforce. As 2023 draws to a close, why not make 2024 the year you learn about how AI can transform your learning process and prepare you for the working world ahead?

The Changing Face of Education

According to the World Economic Forum, by 2025, 85% of jobs will require some level of AI literacy. The existing education system struggles to keep pace with the rapid evolution of technology, leaving students unprepared for the future of work. 

hundo’s campaign seeks to address this gap by providing a comprehensive AI education programme accessible to students and parents worldwide. No geographical barriers to learning.

AI & Education: A Transformative Partnership

AI has the potential to revolutionise learning experiences, providing personalised content, career insights, and real-world business experiences. hundo aims to deliver this promise, ensuring students are well-prepared for the increasingly technological future of work.

Addressing the Future Skills Crisis

The campaign sheds light on the impending skills crisis, emphasising the need for digital skills in career success. With tech vacancies surpassing available talent and a significant percentage of the labour market projected to be under-skilled by 2030, the urgency to prepare the youth for the future is undeniable.

Shaping Tomorrow’s Leaders

The “AI for Students” course offered by hundo goes beyond imparting AI knowledge; it empowers young minds to harness the potential of this transformative technology. The programme focuses on three key pillars:

1. Empowerment Through AI Education

The course is designed to instil confidence, providing students with a competitive edge as AI continues to reshape industries. Equipping them with the skills to navigate this new landscape positions them as leaders in the workforce of tomorrow.

2. Cultivating Global Competency

AI knows no borders, and neither should a student’s abilities. The course offers a global perspective, ensuring students are not only ready to enter the workforce but excel on the international stage. This global outlook prepares them for collaboration and competition in the world of tech innovation.

3. Igniting Creative Solutions

AI is more than just algorithms and data; it’s a tool for unleashing creativity and pioneering solutions. The course encourages students to explore how AI can be a force for good, inspiring innovation and forward-thinking. By fostering creativity, students become the architects of solutions to global challenges.

Course Overview: Essential AI Skills for Future Success

The “AI Lessons For Students (& Parents)” programme offers a structured curriculum, catering to learners of all levels:

1. Beginner Level: Introduction to AI Tools and Skills

Five modules introduce students to everyday AI tools, enhancing communication skills, and instilling an understanding of AI ethics and responsible usage.

2. Intermediate Level: Unlocking the Potential of AI Tools

Five lessons delve deeper into practical applications, teaching students how to master automation tools, flashcard apps, and creative tools.

3. Advanced Level: Push The Limits

The final four lessons equip students with practical skills in specialised fields such as content strategy, finance, and prompt engineering using AI.

Bonus: Career Readiness Skills

Three additional levels focus on career readiness, addressing the employability skills gap, simplifying CV and cover letter crafting with AI tools, and empowering students for confident interviews.

Early Bird Specials and Reward Packages

The campaign introduces a range of rewards, including exclusive early bird specials starting at just £1 per place!

Supporters can also make a pledge without a reward, simply because they believe in this important mission.

AI & The Future of Work

Beyond the stereotype of robots and automation, AI’s core function is to enhance individual learning experiences and boost workplace productivity. The programme focuses on efficiency, global relevance, and fostering innovation and problem-solving skills.

As the clock ticks, the Kickstarter campaign for “AI Lessons For Students (& Parents)” represents a unique opportunity to shape the future of education and work. By supporting this initiative, backers are not merely investing in a course; they are investing in the architects of tomorrow, ensuring they are well-equipped to navigate and excel in the AI-integrated world.

You can read more about the hundo Kickstarter campaign here, make your pledge today and don’t miss out!

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