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College gains status as leading innovator in hydrogen fuel cell training for the Motor Vehicle Industry

Burton and South Derbyshire College (BSDC) is now the first education provider in England to offer level 3 hydrogen fuel cell training as part of its strategy to futureproof the skills requirements of the automotive industry.  

The college’s speed in curriculum design and development and responsiveness to market demand has made it the first provider in the country to offer level 3 hydrogen fuel cell training, accredited by City & Guilds. BSDC’s commitment to excellence is highlighted by this prestigious accreditation, ensuring learners and employers receive industry-recognised qualifications that open doors to exciting career opportunities in the rapidly evolving field of hydrogen fuel cell technology. 

The college recently acquired a Toyota Mirai from Toyota, made possible through the Government’s Strategic Development Fund. This funding aims to equip colleges and the motor vehicle industry for decarbonisation and the rise of hybrid, electric and hydrogen vehicles. The Toyota Mirai, now integrated into the college’s Motor Vehicle Academy, serves as a key training tool for delivering a suite of innovative hydrogen vehicle courses for technicians. The College also offers a range of courses covering electric and hybrid vehicles, and has a fleet of hydrogen fuel cell, electric and hybrid vehicles.

Paul Tunnicliffe, Technical Advisor, from City & Guilds recently visited Burton and South Derbyshire College to inspect the college’s latest industry-standard equipment and to discuss BSDC’s role in shaping the future training needs of the automotive industry. He said: “Burton and South Derbyshire College stands at the forefront of future training needs. The College has got an incredible set up for offering hydrogen and electric vehicle qualifications with us at City & Guilds, and its initiative in offering level 3 hydrogen fuel cell courses in England underscores its commitment to industry-aligned education.”

The Toyota Mirai converts hydrogen into electricity in an advanced fuel cell, leaving clean water as the only exhaust pipe emission. Unlike battery-powered electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles generate electricity through a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen in a fuel cell stack. With refuelling taking less than five minutes at a pump, drivers benefit from emission-free journeys.

John Beaty, Principal of Burton and South Derbyshire College said: “We are extremely excited about our innovation and expertise in hydrogen fuel cell, advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) and electric vehicle training. Investing in advancing technology will put the College at the forefront of the motor industry, allowing us to deliver industry leading training courses. Those undertaking our courses can be assured that engaging with BSDC trainers is currently the only route in England to secure this level 3 training and that we are leading the field in training to decarbonise the motor vehicle industry”. 

To learn more about the new hybrid/electric vehicle maintenance, ADAS, and hydrogen vehicle courses available at BSDC and to join the waiting list for the next cohort of training sessions, please contact [email protected]. Course information can also be found on the college website –

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