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Ethel Harwood Award for exceptional accounting student

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A University of Salford Business School student distinguishes herself in internship, winning the annual award for placement student of the year.

Tayleur Cross, an enthusiastic student of the University of Salford Business School, has been awarded the prestigious Ethel Harwood Memorial Prize for her exceptional performance during her placement year at GPT Waste Management Limited.

At GPT Waste Management Limited, Tayleur was immersed in an accounts department that navigates complex legislative changes related to waste disposal. This dynamic environment required fluidity and Tayleur excelled.

During her placement, Tayleur showcased both her financial expertise and leadership skills, resulting in her promotion to Accounts Supervisor.

Reflecting on receiving the award, Tayleur says:

“When I found out I was awarded the prize I was in complete shock and did not expect this. I feel so lucky and honoured to be a part of this.”

She also spoke of her transformation during her university years, “I wasn’t a very confident person when I started, but now I feel the complete opposite. Salford has made my academic journey a whole lot better; it’s a great university with amazing staff and students. The experience has helped me learn and grow so much.”

Looking to the future, Tayleur is keen on using her award money to complete her CIMA (Certificate in Business Accounting) course to achieve her future goal to become an accountant, after finishing her degree in Accounting and Finance at the University of Salford.

She credits Dr Jonathan Owens for being a beacon of support during her placement, “He has been really helpful throughout. If I had any questions or concerns, he was there. He also helped me meet deadlines with my assignments and guided me through them.”

Dr Jonathan Owens commented:

“Tayleur’s dedication and passion for her academic field have been evident from the start of her professional placement year. Her achievements at GPT Waste Management and this recent award show the brilliance of her hard work and potential as a future graduate.  I hope her journey inspires other students to seek a placement year.  Taking a professional experience year not only enhances the student experience, provides them with real-world experience in their field, but also offers them those key employability skills.”

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