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Explorance joins the World Economic Forum New Champions Community to help build a more robust global workforce

Explorance, the leading provider of People Insight Solutions, has announced the company has joined the World Economic Forum New Champions Community.

This opens the door for Explorance to collaborate with the World Economic Forum (WEF) and a group of purpose-driven, high-growth companies that are championing new business models, emerging technologies and sustainable growth strategies to create a better future.

According to WEF, closing the global skills gap could add US$11.5 trillion to global GDP by 2028. Both academic and professional education and training systems need to keep pace with the new demands of labour markets that are continually challenged by technological disruption, demographic change and the evolving nature of work.

As part of WEF’s New Champions Community, Explorance brings expertise and best practices for capability insights management that identifies, measures and addresses skills gaps while reshaping academic and professional learning and development. By measuring the needs, expectations, skills, knowledge and competencies of over 20 million employees and students daily, the opportunity to strengthen reskilling and upskilling initiatives is at the core of Explorance’s mission of continuous improvement.

“Joining the World Economic Forum New Champions Community will enable us to further connect with organisations who are committed to uplifting global society through learning, upskilling and inspiration, while measuring effectiveness and outcomes throughout growth journeys,” said Samer Saab, Explorance Founder and CEO. “By sharing our years of experience addressing organisational skills gaps, talent management and measuring the effectiveness of learning and development, we can help reshape education and training for the future and add a fresh point of view on how to solve global workforce challenges.”

“We are excited to welcome Explorance to the World Economic Forum New Champions Community,” said Julia Devos, Head of the New Champions Community, World Economic Forum. “With decades of expertise and a strong technology suite, Explorance is strongly positioned to support our overall efforts in reskilling, upskilling and training global workforces with essential skills to future-proof careers and advance human innovation. Their values strongly align with the World Economic Forum’s wider mission to improve the state of the world. We look forward to engaging with Explorance and developing our partnership in the long term.”

Founded in 2003, Explorance empowers organisations with actionable decision-making by measuring students’ and employees’ needs, expectations, skills, knowledge, and competencies. Explorance facilitates continuous improvement and accelerates the insight-to-action cycle leading to personal growth and organisational agility. Headquartered in Montreal with business units in Chicago, Chennai, Melbourne, Amman and London, Explorance works with 25% of the Fortune 100 and 25% of the top Higher Education institutions, including eight of the world’s top 10 business schools. The company has clients in over 50 countries.

Julia Devos, Head of the New Champions Community, World Economic Forum.

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