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How a new two-minute quiz is helping shape the future for young people this Results Day

How a new two-minute quiz is helping shape the future for young people this Results Day

As GCSE Results Day and A-Level Results Day approach [24th August & 17th August], school leavers across the country are facing important decisions about their future.

Deciding whether to venture into a-levels, college, university or into work through apprenticeships is a tough decision to make at such a young age, and to help ease that decision, online apprenticeship job and review board, RateMyApprenticeship have created a quick two-minute career quiz that can help determine the right career path for school leavers.

Asking easy but valuable questions about goals, ambitions and interests, the online quiz makes recommendations on career paths that are truly suited to you.

Here’s how the quiz works:

  • You’ll share your current qualifications as well as future ambitions and goals
  • RateMyApprenticeship will provide ample information throughout to support you with your decisions
  • It asks your interests, from photography and finance to law and engineering
  • RateMyApprenticeship will then pair you up with the path that’s most suited to you and signpost you in the direction of helpful additional information so you can make an informed decision about your next steps.

Co-founder of RateMyApprenticeship, Oliver Sidwell, shares his guidance for school leavers amid this daunting yet fulfilling time,

“As you receive your GCSE results, you’ll begin to think about what the future looks like for you. But don’t fret, at just 16 years old you have years of decision making ahead of you, and this quiz will help you to begin thinking about your career and future with ease and positivity.

“Always make education and career choices that you believe you will continue to love further down the line. This means it often comes down to what you love to do in your day-to-day and what you thrive at, which is where our online quiz can help determine that for you.”

Explore the online career quiz this Results Day to help you make easier decisions about your future. You can also read more information about apprenticeships and available roles on the RateMyApprenticeship website.

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