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HoW College student builds his future one Lego brick at a time!

Oscar Goodhand-Wyatt, Heart of Worcestershire College (HoW College) Level 3 Games Design student, is building his future one Lego brick at a time as he secures a job as a Lego MasterBuilder in Birmingham!

When Oscar was born his arteries were the wrong way around which meant he had to have open heart surgery at just six days old, this led to development delays and Oscar was then diagnosed with autism at the age of five. As he struggled with fine/ gross motor skills he spent a lot of time with physiotherapists and occupational therapists who used Lego to help him. Lego was also used as a tool to help Oscar with his social understanding.

Oscar didn’t find school easy and so worked hard with extra tuition for his GCSEs by attending lunchtime sessions, homework/ revision clubs and he also went into school some weekends to complete more revision. He then went on to pass his chosen subjects and proved to everyone, including himself, that all the hard work was worth it.

After finishing school Oscar enrolled on the Level 3 Games Design course at HoW College and after feeling isolated at school said that he had “found my people – a group of gaming geeks like me.”

Alongside his college course, Oscar works as a Lego MasterBuilder in Birmingham which includes doing creative workshops where he helps people create a small model that they get to keep as well as sorting bricks and helping children make creations around the attraction.

Speaking about his role, Oscar said:

“I’m really thrilled that Legoland have allowed me to continue my education whilst also living out my dream job of Assistant MasterBuilder.”

This is an excellent achievement for Oscar and demonstrates that your passion can become your career.1

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