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HSDC supports Gambia charity

Members of HSDC’s Student Union have been raising money and awareness for Gambia’s LAT charity, which stands for say no.

HSDC employee and former student Horeja Camara has educated staff and students at HSDC, in particular HSDC’s Havant Student Union on the importance of LAT and the serious issues that many women are facing in Gambia. 

The charity which was created in February 2023 by Horeja, has been put in place to create safe learning spaces for women and children in Gambia, alongside educating both males and females on the importance of education. Horeja herself was unable to attend school whilst growing up in Gambia, therefore wants to raise awareness and funds to support other women and children in her home country so that they are able to have an education in a safe environment.

Our Student Union is extremely passionate about the charity and have already carried out a number of fundraisers in support of LAT. These include a bake sale and an international day, both held on our Havant Campus which collectively raised over £200. The fundraisers don’t stop there as the SU are planning many more in the 2023/2024 academic year.

Horeja, who continues to provide awareness and support to those in Gambia whilst living in the UK said:

“LAT gives women and children the opportunity to learn a range of skills which will help them to finish school. It was heartbreaking to see many struggle as there is often no support therefore, I wanted to give them an opportunity to achieve their dreams. Lots of the women are very inspirational and they deserve the chance to have a safe education.”

Student Union President Uliana Martynovich added:

“There are several factors the Student Union considers when selecting a charity to fundraise for. LAT is an extremely important charity that raises money to build classrooms and safe spaces for women and children to study in. We aren’t just raising money but we also aim to educate. Many women in Gambia do not understand that what they are going through is wrong, therefore we want to raise awareness and to unite others in support.”

To find out more on our LAT fundraisers, visit here.

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