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iPET Network shines a light on inclusivity in animal care this Inclusion Week


A leading awarding organisation is shining a light on the importance of inclusivity in animal care industries.

This week is Inclusion Week, and a time to reflect on and celebrate inclusion and diversity in workplaces.

To mark the awareness, iPET Network announced how its spirit of inclusion spreads further, to allow FE training providers to pick and choose from all awarding organisations when deciding which courses to offer.

Unlike other qualification providers, the iPET Network has chosen not to discriminate against training providers who wish to offer a mixed choice of qualifications for learners, and actively supports them in choosing the offer that is right for them.

Sarah Mackay and Fern Gresty, directors of the iPET Network, said:

“iPET Network wants to be sure that we are carrying the message and practice of inclusion and equality, all year round.  

 “We do this through policy, culture and education to enhance and support the lives of our learners, training providers and colleagues.

“Our message of inclusion extends further to allow our Training Providers to offer and work with multiple training and awarding organisations to give learners choice.  

“We ensure that we don’t unfairly discriminate in our practices and our no outsiders policy supports this.

“We believe in fairness, inclusion and community. iPET Network positively encourages and embraces the diversity of the people and pets all around us and is working hard to challenge unfair practices and prejudice.”

iPET Network has created a number of high quality Ofqual regulated qualifications, including portfolios of dog and cat grooming courses, canine nutrition, microchipping and even Cannicross coaching.

The network has recently been approved for an expansion of scope by Ofqual to offer qualifications across the entire animal care sector, which is set to include equine, and veterinary courses.

Sarah and Fern added:

“At the iPET Network we would be nowhere if it wasn’t for our wonderful community of training providers and experts, and we are proud to have such a diverse team.”

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