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It’s medal time for Gower College Swansea Ironman team

It’s medal time for Gower College Swansea Ironman team

Congratulations to all the staff members who took part in the Ironman 2023 event on 3 September.

Collectively, our amazing GCS team raised an incredible £625.06 for the Kenya Community Education Project – smashing their original target of £500.

In preparation for the event, they trained for approximately 1,650 hours (over 250 hours of which were part of the GCS Wellbeing offer) and, on the day, they burned a total of 85,000 calories!

The following members of the GCS Ironman team successfully completed the tough triathlon event.  

  • Tracy Drummond-Govier
  • Christian Regis
  • Wayne Price
  • Laura Thomas
  • Mike Glover
  • Carl Phillips
  • Josh Jordan
  • Tim Buckley

The GCS team would like to thank all of those colleagues who trained alongside them, provided encouragement at every step of the way, and donated money.

And let’s not forget the 100 or so learners who actively engaged in the event by designing the kit and making promotional videos for social media.

If you would still like to donate, you can do so via the following link  

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