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learndirect Launches Exclusive App to Bring In-Person Classroom Connections to Online Learning 

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The online education business is working to bridge the gap between traditional classroom connections and online learning by launching a brand-new app exclusive to learndirect learners and alumni. 

From today, the app named learndirect: Community Hub, will be exclusively available to anyone who is currently studying or has studied an online course with learndirect

Current and past learners will have a safe space to interact with like-minded people looking to better their lives through online education, no matter where they are in the world. 

The app is designed to encourage the community – made up of learners and alumni of all ages and backgrounds – to share experiences, provide advice, and form real connections, removing the notion that online learning is a solo journey. 

Plus, they will get direct access to articles full of career and study tips, as well as exclusive discounts and course launches. 

While removing the classroom experience provides much-needed flexibility in a fast-paced world, the social aspect of being with classmates in person is absent, but learndirect aims to fill this gap with its community so that every pain point is taken care of. 

Prior to the official launch, in just one month, the app has seen an impressive 96.98% increase in signups, indicating the strong desire for a community within the digital learning space. 

Wayne Janse van Rensburg, Group Chief Executive Officer at learndirect, said:

“As a business, our operations and strategies always begin with our learners in mind. We have worked hard over the years to provide education in a way that meets the needs of the modern learner, ensuring affordability, flexibility, and access to easy-to-use technology. 

“Our next step in catering to the ever-evolving learner in a digital-first society is to launch the learndirect: Community Hub app. By providing a platform for learners and alumni of all walks of life to connect, we can provide a 360 experience that mirrors that of a traditional learning experience without restrictions. Not only are we providing a base for real interactions, but by creating a community hub, we’re solidifying and strengthening the learndirect brand, supporting business growth in all facets of our operations.” 

Sarah-Jane McCausland, Digital Engagement Manager at learndirect, said:

“With our new community app, we’re taking connections to a whole new level. We have created a space where genuine friendships flourish. It’s not just about passing exams or assignments; it’s about being part of something more significant, something deeply meaningful, driving learners to continue their educational journey. 

“Not only this, but our community is also a window into the online learning experience in all its dimensions, it gives us a wonderful insight into the stories from our learners and alumni at learndirect. These stories aren’t just to empower others debating over their futures, they are a powerful tool for employees. 

“Sharing these stories internally transforms the workplace narrative. It shifts the focus from viewing data on a list to recognising that each call answered, every email responded to, and each task completed has a ripple effect in real lives, each one touched by the collective efforts of every team member. It’s a reminder that, in the business of education, we are not just dealing with transactions.” 

There’s no doubt that we’re a nation of app users, with 57 million people in the UK using social media, spending an average of 1 hour and 56 minutes per day online. Research reports that 53% of UK users cite keeping in touch with friends and family as their main reason for using social apps. 

The desire for human interaction over digital means is clear, and with learndirect launching an online community, they can encapsulate the social element of learning without disrupting the autonomy that learners have by studying online. 

The core mission of learndirect is to enhance the accessibility of education for people of all ages and backgrounds, removing the barrier of time by providing flexible learning, the barrier of tech by delivering courses through an easy-to-use digital platform, and the barrier of cost by providing payment plans that make learndirect the most affordable online education provider in the market. 

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