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Alliance patrons gather to champion social mobility

PATRONS of the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance have met to further the cause of helping to promote social mobility, inclusion and equality in apprenticeships.

The patrons want transforming the face of the future workforce to be at the forefront of every business leader.

“We discussed tapping into a hidden pool to strengthen businesses, supporting the leveling up agenda, as well as achieving equity, diversity and inclusion in the workspace,” said Jagdeep Soor, Head of Strategic Partnerships.

The Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance, was founded to promote apprenticeship diversity through education, working with employers, training providers and colleges to educate on multicultural representation in the workplace, engagement, through partners, with multicultural communities across the country and recruitment, working with employers to promote opportunities for underrepresented talent.

The vision of the alliance is: Improving opportunities and discovering hidden talent in underrepresented communities. To work with likeminded, purpose led employers who want to create diverse, profitable and inclusive businesses.

There were a number of presentations during the day.

Apprenticeship Outcome and Destination by Emily Austin, CEO of the Association of Apprenticeships, who discussed their joint report written with the Learning & Work Institute,

Attraction  and Retention of Apprentices, a workshop delivered by the Birmingham and Solihull Ladder.

There were updates from Head of Commercial and Events Ambassador and Lead at Pathway Group, discussing their plans for the Multicultural Apprenticeship Awards and the Festival of Apprenticeships.

The thematic takeaways were:

Collaboration Collaboration Collaboration:  Sharing best practice and insights is the key that connects everything and cannot be underestimated.

Career Pathways should be clear:  The need for career progression opportunities should be addressed by employers, making clear the stratification of roles and responsibilities at each point. Apprentices not only need to be aware of the progression available to them, but also be supported and given the chances to meet these superior roles.

In order to address some of the concerns, The Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance will aim to work with Patrons to increase visibility of positive Apprentice role models and leaders and support employers of all sizes to:

Support employers of all shapes and sizes to: Engage with various communities, targeting in particular the ‘harder to reach;’ market more career opportunities to potential apprentices from different backgrounds, create more progression opportunities for all apprentices and further promote and help develop a more diverse, inclusive, and equal workplace for all.

I would like to thank the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance patrons that continue to support the alliance on such a critical topic,” said Safaraz Ali CEO of Pathway Group, a skills and employability business and also the Founder of the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance.

“The conversation and commitment to drive a movement with a clear vision and impact from industry thought leaders was invaluable. A massive thank you to JTL for hosting the day and we are looking forward to the next Patrons meeting in January 2023.”

Diversity, Safeguarding & Inclusion Expert from JTL; Rachel Jagger-Thomas said: It was a pleasure to be able to support all the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance patrons and meet face to face with patrons old and new. 

“Meeting in person again simply served to reinforce once again the importance of collective collaboration to ensure that the shared goal of ensuring that future talented people understand the amazing possibilities that choosing the apprenticeship career route can offer,  and how essential working to nurture, support and mentor apprentices who are the next generation of our workforce is.”

The Apprenticeship Diversity Social Mobility Forum has been arranged for Wednesday, November 16, with presentations from The Open University and Social Mobility Commission; and the next Patron meeting has been organised for January 2023.

If you are interested in learning more about the Multicultural Apprenticeship Alliance and The Apprenticeship Diversity Social Mobility Forum, please contact Jagdeep Soor, Head of Strategic


“We welcome you to be part of the conversation and solution to drive to a more inclusive and diverse workforce of the future,” said Jagdeep.

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