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New Subject Development Resources launched by NASBTT for trainees and Early Career Teachers

A new suite of Subject Development Resources, including an on-demand bank of engaging videos, curated supporting resources and information and live sessions on key topics, has been launched by the National Association of School-Based Teacher Trainers (NASBTT).

These high-quality resources, which will be hosted on NASBTT’s dedicated Trainee and Early Career Teacher Hub, will be fully available to subscribing teacher training providers, trainees/ECTs and their mentors from September.

An evolution of their successful predecessor, NASBTT Networks Live, every curriculum area across primary and secondary will have five pre-recorded subject development sessions, led by experts from subject associations or institutions.

The sessions will focus on the following five areas, all taken from the Core Content Framework:

  • An introduction to the Subject.
  • Adaptive Teaching.
  • Anticipating Common Misconceptions in the Subject Area.
  • Memory and Metacognition.
  • Ongoing Subject Knowledge Development and Self-Efficacy.

By having this consistency across each subject area, trainees and ECTs will start to understand what some of the key concepts and principles of effective teaching and learning look like but through the lens of a subject, giving them a vital understanding of the nuances and specific knowledge often only built through experience and time.

James Coleman, NASBTT.

“We originally introduced the NASBTT Networks Live project in the middle of the pandemic when, overnight, ITT providers were having to find a way of supporting trainee teachers to complete their training without the ability to be in school or centre-based training,” said James Coleman, Head of Operations and Training at NASBTT.

“The live sessions, hosted by subject experts, took place at 4pm each afternoon and would regularly have upwards of 500 trainees attending each session, which surpassed our expectations. As time moved on, and schools returned to more traditional timetables, trainees had less availability at that time and we have seen a gradual but significant move towards synchronous engagement. This has been coupled with provider curriculums being adapted and prioritising integration with the Core Content Framework.

“With these issues in mind, the new project is now a complete suite of Subject Development Resources for trainee teachers that are all linked back directly to the Core Content Framework. They are available to both trainees/ECTs and mentors, allowing the provider the ability to upskill and inform mentors of the key research and theory that trainees are engaging with. There is also the ability for the provider to use three 30-minute videos to support their subject delivery, either by directing trainees to engage with the material ahead of sessions, or by building videos into taught sessions at the centre. It is an exciting development, one we are really proud of.”

With a calendar of live sessions already planned covering Embedding Formative Assessment, Behaviour, SEND, Wellbeing, Phonics, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion – Creating Safe and Inclusive Classrooms and Introduction to Primary Foundation Subjects, delivered by the likes of Dylan William and Sue Cowley, feedback from providers and trainees has been overwhelmingly positive. “We have certainly seen how the NNLs complement and work alongside our SCITT provision and are looking forward to using the new Subject Development Resources,” said Fareham & Gosport Primary SCITT Director Clare Jeffrey.

“The on-demand recordings will support trainees’ personalised development at pertinent times for them during the year, and allow them to be more flexible with planning and managing their learning and workload. The NASBTT approach to focusing on key areas through the lens of a subject area mirrors our own curriculum design, so this will help to strengthen the trainees’ continuing development over the year. It is fantastic that trainees have the opportunity to attend live sessions from expert colleagues as part of the NNLs, and we are really pleased to see that these will continue as part of the Subject Development Resources.”

Clare highlighted how NASBTT’s provision has impacted on Fareham & Gosport Primary SCITT trainees to date. “We first introduced the NNLs to trainees when they were launched at the height of the pandemic and when they were unable to join us face-to-face for their taught curriculum sessions,” she recalled. “We signposted them on our SCITT weekly newsletter as an optional learning and development opportunity and quickly observed evidence of our trainees engagement with them. As part of our curriculum, we have a session focusing on subject development early on in the programme. We include an introduction and outline of the NNLs in this session and link it to our input on effective professional development and the personalised approaches trainees that will take to develop their own knowledge, understanding, skills and application. Our trainees have the opportunity to plan for the year ahead, incorporating the NNLs into their map. Over time, trainees have developed different ways in which they engage with the NNLs. Initially, lots attended the live sessions but more recently, more and more trainees are accessing recordings at a time when it will be most informative and helpful in their training year, making it a highly personalised approach.”

She added: “Since making the NNLs available to our trainees, we have seen clear evidence in their assessments, that they are engaging with and applying their learning from them to develop their own practice.”

On 13th June (9.30-11am), NASBTT is offering its members a Subject Development Resources taster session. Click here to register for this free online event, which will be delivered via Zoom.

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