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O’Reilly Announces Winners of the 2022 O’Reilly Awards

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O’Reilly, the premier source for insight-driven learning on technology and business, today announced the winners of its inaugural O’Reilly Awards program. Successful entries from companies including Maersk, Tavant, eSentire, and ANZ exemplify how the O’Reilly learning platform is used for excellence in onboarding, skills transformation, and more. 

“There’s nothing more validating than learning firsthand of the impact the O’Reilly learning platform has on its users, and this year’s awards winners demonstrate how learning and training can improve employee satisfaction, contribute to the bottom line, help relieve the stress of skills gaps, and build a strong culture of learning,” said Laura Baldwin, president at O’Reilly. “I offer my warmest congratulations to all the winners and all the entrants of this year’s awards. You inspire us to continue our mission in online learning transformation.”

O’Reilly Awards were given to four winners and four runners-up in total across four categories: 

Most Effective User Onboarding Program: Maersk

A provider of technology and electronics supply chain solutions, Maersk demonstrated innovation in the execution of onboarding the O’Reilly platform to its more than 4,500 employees. Implementing single sign-on and creating a bot to manage activation and deactivation of users helped Maersk reduce activation cycle time from five days to 60 seconds. As a result, the company has a more than 95% adoption rate of the O’Reilly platform and reports that employee engagement scores are at their highest. 

Runner-up: Flipkart

Best in Skills Transformation: Tavant

Digital products and solutions company Tavant has been using O’Reilly since 2020, with employees turning to the platform for things like upskilling and reskilling, cross-training, broadening knowledge, and preparing for certifications. To take its use of the platform to the next level, Tavent launched Tavant Flywheel, a program purpose-built to add value and create differentiators in the consulting space and fast-track the creation of company leaders. The Tavant team curated content from the O’Reilly platform, mapping it to different skill levels for identified associates. The team further used interactive labs and sandboxes for hands-on learning. As a result of this program, Tavent reported significant increases in training on target technologies including cloud, Java, .NET, big data and data science, and more. 

Runner-up: Aviva

Interactive Learning Champion: eSentire

A leader in managed detection and response, eSentire created eSentire University to help employees solve some of the most pressing cybersecurity challenges. By leveraging the O’Reilly platform, eSentire was able to supplement its proprietary learning content and leverage a blended-learning model. This approach was particularly impactful on eSentire’s engineering and operations teams and helped the company manage the ongoing skills shortage for cybersecurity talent.

Runner-up: Macquarie Group

O’Reilly’s Choice: ANZ

In 2021, ANZ hosted an inaugural learning expo delivered virtually, allowing ANZ’s technology global cohort across 17 countries to take part in a travel-themed event where approximately 10,000 people were given the opportunity to book a simulated “flight” via an aviation-themed website. A particular highlight of the expo was the chance to attend a learning webinar, disguised as a flight, in first class, where each learner was allocated a seat at row 1A. Staff were invited to take part in an O’Reilly session to understand where programming, DevOps, AI, and the cloud are headed, hosted by O’Reilly’s vice president for content strategy, Rachel Roumeliotis. By offering O’Reilly to its learners and providing them with adoption and enablement sessions, ANZ strengthened its workforce. As a result, the firm has seen gains in retention, upskilling, and uplift and continues to provide opportunities for its employees to improve their capabilities and craft. 

Runner-up: Grubhub

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