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Students selected for online anthology as part of creative writing project


Five talented students have been selected to be part of an online anthology, four students from Havant Campus and one from Alton College were carefully chosen by a panel consisting of representatives from the Copyright Licensing Agency, the English and Media Centre, and the AoC.

The competition, supported by the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) is aimed to give students the opportunity to create their own pieces of creative writing which can cover a variety of themes and genres.

Suzie Martiny, Teacher of English at HSDC Havant added:

“I have been really impressed with the quality of the work produced by the four students from Havant. The poems were all so individually distinct and were a pleasure to read.”

Alton College student and aspiring writer Ben Withers was one of the five students selected.

Sarah Hunt, Teacher of English based at Alton College said:

“Ben has a talent for creative writing and wrote two sophisticated chapters for Western novels for his A Level English Language Coursework. He was the only English A Level student who wrote a piece for the AoC Creative Writing in FE Project since the deadline was in May which was close to the start of A Level exams.

When I read it, I particularly liked the vivid use of imagery and the subtle shift in narrative perspective. Ben hopes to pursue a career in writing and was delighted that this piece, ‘Fire’ will be published online.”

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