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Former T Level student lands industry role

A driven and hardworking T Level student has secured his first job in the construction industry thanks to impressing bosses during an industrial placement.

Louie Kattenhorn, who studied a T Level in Design, Surveying & Planning for Construction at HSDC’s South Downs campus, is now working as an Assistant Project Manager at Peter Marsh Consulting (PMc) after securing the role following the successful completion of his T Level studies.

Before commencing his studies with HSDC, Louie had previously worked alongside his dad in his groundwork business which he believes enabled him to demonstrate his knowledge during his placement with PMc. This allowed Louie to further impress bosses during this period which then led to an interview for a full-time position at the organisation.

Louie had originally planned to go to University to study Quantity Surveying as he was keen to be involved in the construction industry due to enjoying seeing projects through from start to finish. However, his placement made him realise he wanted to focus on Project Management as a career path and he then accepted the role as Assistant Project Manager with PMc.

Louie said:

“My favourite part of studying T Levels was the work placement that I had to complete in order to complete the course. This is because it gave me a more realistic insight into what it is like to properly be working at a real job. I think the experience that I earned from this placement really assisted me when completing the end of year ESP and it gave me specific knowledge of the industry that I would not have learned within a classroom.”

When asked what his advice would be for prospective T Level students, Louie said:

“Absolutely go for it. I am so glad that the T Level courses had been brought in just as I was beginning college. There wasn’t really anything that I was sure I wanted to apply for until I spotted the section on T Levels. It’s a great balance between learning core information, learning more specific areas of your course, and obviously, the opportunity to complete the placement.”

Louie added:

“The T-Level courses really do have the potential to unlock a career path that you wouldn’t necessarily believe that you would go down. I absolutely would not be in my current position if it was not for T-Levels.”

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