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Rockstar guitarist gives back to New College Lanarkshire

Rockstar guitarist gives back to New College Lanarkshire

Yungblud guitarist student Adam Warrington made his return to the college where it all started last week.

Since completing his HND in Music from the now legendary class that also featured Lewis Capaldi, Adam has been touring the world playing guitar for and producing Pop star YungBlud.

He returned to the performance theatre where it all started to tell current students the story of how he went from there to playing the Hydro and Wembley Arena.
Adam said it was ‘great’ to be back at NCL.

He said: “It’s a place close to my heart as Lewis and I started there. It was brilliant to meet all the students and hopefully giving them good advice. Playing in YungBlud is amazing and the course acted as a really good stepping stone to that. Just from getting to play music everyday and learning so much about the business.”

His visit was part of New College Lanarkshire Music Networking week which has featured guest lectures from Aretha Franklin/Spice Girls songwriter Eliot Kennedy and Adelle/Stormzy producer Fraser T Smith.

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