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Salford Business School and Peninsula collaboration uplifts HR leaders of tomorrow

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University of Salford Business School‘s partnership with HR consultancy, Peninsula UK, is helping to futureproof and further the careers of HR (human resources) professionals in the Greater Manchester region, through professional development and continued education.

The collaboration between Salford Business School and Peninsula UK includes access to postgraduate education, enabling Peninsula employees like Corporate Employment Law Business Partner, Bethan Teale, to further their careers through real-world learning. Bethan, who is set to graduate with a postgraduate certificate in Employment Policy and Practice from Salford Business School, attributes much of her success, including a recent promotion, to the pivotal role played by the course.

The HR Strategy and Practice module, a distinctive feature of the school’s HR curriculum, became a turning point in Bethan’s professional trajectory. “Salford’s curriculum broadened my perspective on business and deepened my understanding of the dynamic interaction between organisational culture and employment law,” Bethan recounts.

Thanks to access to the postgraduate course, Bethan has been able seamlessly apply the knowledge gained from her studies to her role at Peninsula. This direct translation of academic insights into practical application has propelled her career further, resulting in her promotion to Corporate Employment Law Business Partner shortly after completing the course.

“Salford Business School played an instrumental role in shaping my career growth,” Bethan affirms, acknowledging the significant impact of her academic journey at Salford.

Through the collaboration between Salford Business School and Peninsula, professionals like Bethan have the opportunity to further their qualifications with the prestigious Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) Level 7, a significant milestone for those seeking advancement in HR management.

Looking ahead, Bethan shares her ambition to become a Team Leader, driven by her passion for nurturing and training new talent—a passion fuelled by her transformative experience at the school.

During her course, Bethan benefitted from the support system at Salford, including the drop-in sessions and dedicated tutors who provided the tools she needed to successfully manage her studies, full-time job, and other commitments.

“The nurturing environment, coupled with the support of the tutors, enabled me to navigate through the most challenging times during my course,” she reflects.

Dr Francine Morris, Associate Dean for Enterprise and Engagement at Salford Business School, adds:  

“The partnership between Salford Business School and Peninsula showcases our commitment to nurturing the HR leaders of tomorrow. Through this collaboration, we provide continuous learning and development opportunities, equipping HR professionals like Bethan with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in this dynamic field. We are proud to continue our partnership with Peninsula, making a lasting impact in the HR industry.”

The successful partnership between Salford Business School and Peninsula continues to empower professionals to excel in their careers, creating more success stories similar to Bethan’s.

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