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Sparsholt College Celebrates Pride Month

Sparsholt College Celebrates Pride Month

Sparsholt College (@Sparsholt_Coll) have celebrated lesbian, gay, bi, trans, non-binary and queer (LGBTQ+) culture and experiences with a series of activities and events concluding with the Pride event. Unity was felt campus wide as students came together to celebrate another successful event in celebration of Pride Month.

Pride Month represents an opportunity for the community to reflect on all the ways they can contribute to creating a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive environment for all LGBTQ+ students and employees.

The event was a remarkable success representing the different subject areas taught at both colleges all with a different creative theme and message.

After deliberations and extensive judging from a staff panel, the Equine team [RB1] were declared overall winners. They drew attention to the experience of being trans in the Equine world. Horse riding can often be seen as a ‘female’ sport, especially since, at the least in the lower levels, it is very female dominated. This can make it very confusing for transgender people who can sometimes feel out of place because of their identity. However, although it can still be a struggle, trying to fit in with the people, the industry is getting better and it is students and their generation’s job to continue paving the way.

Second place was awarded to the Motor Vehicle department who discussed the stereotypes present within the industry and their determination to move away from this archaic view and toward inclusivity. This is a sentiment that is being highlighted by manufacturers such as Fiat, Subaru, Toyota and Alfa Romeo who are all promoting their products casting members of the LGBTQ community in their ads and marketing campaigns. 

Third place was awarded to Foundation who as a department, are especially accepting of people’s differences, abilities and personalities and believe that we all deserve to be loved and celebrated. By building on our foundations we can overcome any obstacle and celebrate our individuality.

The sustainability award was presented to the Animal Management department who represented all of the LGBTQ+ community through their decorated snake scales. Their Rainbow Boa was very sustainable, made from an upcycled hay rack, collected cardboard boxes, paper mâché, used table clothes and old lead ropes along with bio-degradable poo bags.

The event also included face painting, crafting, temporary tattoos and stalls from both the library promoting interesting literature and the students from the LGBTQ+ Society which provided useful resources on LGBTQ+ History and how to be a good ally. The event also had representatives from Hampshire Police on behalf of LAGLO (Lesbian and Gay Liaison Officers) and many more wonderful stands, stalls and opportunities to celebrate Pride.

The dedication, support and involvement of each department within the college group was to be commended. The event was saturated with love, support and allies.

Liz Wilson, Assistant Principal Student Experience, said: “This was our third Pride event and it was amazing to have so much support for the event from both staff and students. All of our equality, diversity and inclusion events are about promoting an environment where everyone can feel welcome to study with us. For some young people, further and higher education is often the first place they can be themselves and we are committed to promoting inclusion and equality among our students, staff and the wider SCG community.” 

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