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The Flywire Charitable Foundation Awards Eight New Scholarships to International Students

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Eight students selected for outstanding contributions to the academic fields of social justice, global health, global citizenship and environmental sustainability

Third annual scholarship program draws 5,000 applicants representing 130 countries and 400 higher education institutions

Today, Flywire Corporation (Nasdaq: FLYW) (Flywire), a global payments enablement and software company, announced that The Flywire Charitable Foundation awarded eight academic scholarships through host institutions to global students. As part of The Flywire Charitable Foundation’s third annual scholarship program, students from all over the world were recognized for their outstanding contributions to the academic disciplines of social justice, global health, global citizenship and environmental sustainability. The scholarships awarded by the Flywire Charitable Foundation are distributed to the institutions directly and will be applied to the 2022-2023 academic year.

“Flywire’s scholarship program continues to be a cornerstone of our social impact initiatives, and its growth throughout the past three years validates our commitment to providing students new educational opportunities that may otherwise not be available to them,” said Mike Massaro, Flywire CEO. “This year, the number of applicants to our program doubled, and we received 5,000 student applications from more than 130 countries and territories studying at 400+ institutions around the world. We’re proud to continue to give back to the industries that we serve, and to help students and families better manage the costs associated with higher education.”

Scholars from this year’s program hail from all over the world, including South Africa, Ukraine, The United States, Kenya, India and Pakistan, and most of them are furthering their education outside of their home country. Each application was judged by specific criteria, including personal persistence, vision and leadership. Some of the winning essays tackled issues ranging from enhancing sustainability efforts in sanitation and water usage, to supporting women in mass migration and conflict zones.

“I’m delighted to be selected for the 2022 Flywire Charitable Foundation academic scholarship,” said Okoth Paul, a 2022 scholarship recipient studying in Nairobi, Kenya. “I received three admission offers to join local and international universities, and I couldn’t immediately join because I couldn’t afford the tuition fees. The Flywire Charitable Foundation has enlightened my dream of studying public health again. With this funding, I am committed to improving global health and contributing to UN SDG Goal 3.”

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