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Two firsts for MOL graduation day!

There were two famous firsts for training provider MOL last week, as their first-ever distance-learner from the Middle East attended graduation in London on December 4th, despite studying from 4,000 miles away. MOL also celebrated the first of their learners to complete their CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma solely using ‘on-demand’ learning.

“It’s a fantastic day. It’s really lovely to see all the graduates celebrating with their friends and families and coming together.” said Dr Paul Rogers, MOL’s Product Director.

“Most of our learning takes place online, so to get together face-to-face and celebrate, it’s a great thing to do.”

Some made an extra-special effort to get together face-to-face; Khaled Shaker, who graduated with his Level 7 Advanced Diploma in Human Resources Management, came all the way over from Saudi Arabia to join in the festivities.

The three-hour time difference while studying was challenging for Khaled, “I did have to stay up late, but to be honest, if you want something really bad, you have to sacrifice and make the effort and you get the reward.

“Besides, MOL were really supportive and the group I studied with were fantastic.

“In fact, I’m studying again with MOL, this time my MSc in Human Resource Management.”

Other MOL graduates have taken a different kind of journey; Nadine Brunswick achieved her CIPD Level 5 Diploma, continued on to her CIPD Level 7 Advanced Diploma, and is now finishing off her dissertation for the MSc in Strategic Human Resources Management.

“You can’t keep me away!” joked Nadine.

“I just feel proud that I was able to complete my Level 5, then my Level 7 and move on to do my Masters.

“It’s been a journey.”

Nadine was the first MOL learner to complete their Level 7 qualification completely On Demand, meaning she worked through her course on the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) at her own pace.

“Our VLE is a massive base of information and resources” notes MOL Tutor Keri Brennan.

“It’s laid out in a practical, methodical way to support our learners with whichever bit of the course they’re working on at the time.

“But it’s also a great way to ask questions, see the kinds of questions other learners are asking, access recordings of lectures…really anything you need.

“But most importantly of all, you can access tutor support there.”

Conveyancing student Margaret Quarshie celebrated getting her SQA Level 6 Diploma in Conveyancing Law and Practice:

“My qualification has given me a better understanding of the process of conveyancing and an appreciation of accounting as well. Everything we learnt is very relevant to everything I do and many of the skills are transferable into other areas.”

“It’s been fantastic, brilliant!”

In addition to happy HR and conveyancing graduates, the event was also attended by Fiona Ryland, the Government Chief People Officer for the Civil Service, and Dame Janet Paraskeva, Chair of the Council for Licensed Conveyancers.

“I love coming to ceremonies like this, particularly ones where people have graduated in their own time around working life, around family life. To be able to join in and celebrate that achievement is a real privilege.”

The importance of professional qualifications and ongoing professional development is not lost on Dame Janet:

“The development of conveyancing in this country is vital for the country’s economy. We’ve got people here who are at the front line, helping people buy or sell their house or going into property for the first time. But they’re also safeguarding against fraudsters and money launderers. So, they have two kinds of roles, both of which are really important.”

The last words of the day for MOL’s learners came from Dr Paul Rogers. “It was all worth it”, he noted, “all that effort, all that time…it was really worth it.”

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