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Was it the Back to Work Budget? FE Soundbite edition 686

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Welcome to the FE Soundbite Edition 686! What is a Returnership and was it the Back to Work Budget?

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Was the budget good for FE.. or not so much?

On Wednesday we had the Spring Statement… or the Back to Work Budget. We had some Treasury Teasers on Saturday evening as to what would be in. So was it good for FE… or not so much. Well it depends on who you talk to …. we have a lot of perspectives on the budget on our sector reaction to the budget.

My mate Tom Bewick hosted a cool livestream the day after and he felt the Budget outcome wasn’t great for FE.. he wrote a cool article here and also has a catch up video from the livestream.

Personally, I think a lot of the sector felt it wasn’t great, as the lobbying event before the budget… didn’t give the results they hoped for. As Tom mentioned. It was a good photo opportunity. Which is nice, but not what people wanted. I think we as a sector need to be joined up on this sort of stuff. Inclusive to all of the sector and come at it together, as a lot of these things are the same ole people, saying the same ole stuff to be honest. So what do they expect… as it should be the same ole results!

What is a Returnership?

I think Returnerships are interesting.. 5% Club and City & Guilds released an interesting report before the budget called Levying Up.. and this asked for more flexibility, taking into account prior experience and greater modular based flexibility. Which is what I understand Returnerships to be. Also more help for childcare costs and encouraging more into work, more careers advice and guidance for older workers and returners.. Big gaps for me… NEETs and support for skills with SMEs… but what can you do, we have to fill those pot holes (pot holes got £500M).

I also think the details on AI, the Manchester Award and Quantum computing.. will all actually be great for FE and the skills for the future of work.

Labour want to transform Ofsted

Another announcement on Saturday was that Labour want to transform Ofsted.

Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Wow, what epic coverage we had for Neurodiversity Celebration Week… it is a big one for me and my team.  

We’ve literally had the who’s who of the Neurodiversity World write exclusive articles for us this week:

Professor Amanda Kirby with From Awareness to Action to Neuroinclusion, to Dr. Louise Karwowski with 5 steps to drive neuro-inclusion and get ahead of national SEND reforms, to Kirstie Donnelly with Training and education hold the keys to better supporting neurodivergent employees, and Abby Osborne with How we observe, interpret and assess student learning: Reframing Bloom’s Taxonomy in light of neurodiversity, to my mate Nathan Whitbread (I’ve known Nath since Primary school and what a treat to have him writing again).

Have you enjoyed the Campaign for Learning perspectives and views on their latest report: ‘Driving-up employer investment in training – pressing the right buttons’.

I hope you enjoy FE Soundbite this week!

Gavin, CEO and Founder, FE News and FE Careers

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