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CEO unveils new National Apprenticeship Service

Simon Waugh is the chief executive of the new National Apprenticeship Service

The new National Apprenticeship Service (NAS) launches today (27 Apr). It heralds the beginning of an exciting new era for Apprenticeships in England.

The NAS will be building upon what has already been an incredible renaissance in Apprenticeships. In the last decade Apprenticeship numbers have already more than trebled. The NAS has been created to continue this rise and solely focus on delivering more Apprenticeships. We will provide a dedicated, responsive service for both employers and learners, whilst ensuring we offer a high quality service to deliver the Apprenticeship vision.

In my 30 years working across a variety of different industries, I have experienced the considerable value Apprenticeships bring to organisations, employers, individuals and the economy. My personal experience is backed up by employer research which proves that Apprenticeships are an optimal way of training, developing and skilling people for the future. Businesses across the country are now increasingly realising the enormous benefits that Apprenticeships create, not only in terms of a highly skilled workforce but also by boosting productivity and staff retention.

New research we are launching today also highlights the value of an Apprenticeship to each individual. The research found that an overwhelming 94 per cent of apprentices believe that their Apprenticeships has given them better job prospects, higher salaries, improved confidence, better social skills and a stronger sense of direction. More than nine in ten of the 3,808 apprentices surveyed believe it has significantly benefited their career and life options.

These overwhelming positive results demonstrate how important it is for us to ensure the NAS maintains and builds this wonderful programme.

This research, the examples the NAS staff see every day, and my own experience, all continually highlight the value and enduring importance of Apprenticeships. We know they provide employers with talented, aspiring individuals of all ages looking to on-the-job training to further their own career prospects. I know employers directly benefit from these highly trained apprentices. The launch of the NAS today represents the next chapter of the renaissance in Apprenticeships and I, and the team in the NAS, can’t wait to deliver world class skills fit for the twenty-first century.

Simon Waugh is the chief executive of the new National Apprenticeship Service

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