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College CEO and Principal to Chair Global Membership Organisation

Dawn Ward CBE, Chief Executive and Principal of Burton and South Derbyshire Colleg

The World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics (@WFCPsecretariat) has announced Dawn Ward CBE, Chief Executive and Principal of Burton and South Derbyshire College (@BSDCofficial), as the new Chair of their board.

The Federation is an international network of Colleges and associations and is the voice for professional technical education and training across the globe. It brings together member institutions and supports their strategic objectives through practice sharing, joint research initiatives and collaborative working with a view to prepare learners across the world for professional, technical and vocational careers in a modern and global future landscape.

WFCP has membership from six continents. It was formed in 1998 from a group of five countries (Canada, UK, USA, Australia and Africa) from a recognition that education institutions around the world faced similar issues and challenges and, by sharing research, practice and innovative methods, they could develop common approaches to effectively overcome barriers and create highly valuable networks that benefit learners across the globe.

Speaking of the appointment, Dawn said:

“I am delighted and humbled to be elected by the WFCP as their Chair. The Federation has done amazing work in bringing together a global network of internationally focused education institutions for collective benefit and I am keen to ensure that this momentum continues. My predecessor, Craig Robertson (CEO of TAFE Directors Australia) has left a strong and lasting legacy with the Federation and I would like to formally thank him for the excellent work he has done in his time leading the WFCP.”

She continued: “I know first-hand the life changing impact international education has on people’s life chances and career prospects which is why we have worked so hard at BSDC to embed this work into our learners’ journey and provide our domestic learners with the opportunity to not only think globally but to also secure international experiences that enhance their global outlook. I look forward to working with all of the Federation’s members to ensure we continue to secure every opportunity to collectively learn, grow and develop through international collaboration.”

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