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Examiner training organisations step into the breach

Industry Qualifications (IQ), the first pan-sector mutual awarding organisation in the UK, has announced an alliance with the Examination Officers’ Association (EOA). The partnership aims to develop training for examiners, and qualifications for invigilators through their DVD and external training courses.

The announcement comes during the aftermath of the GCSE marking scandal, and while an investigation into qualifications regulator Ofqual is still underway.

The IQ qualifications will provide structured training and guidelines for senior examination managers and those new to the position.

IQ head of business development Sallyann Baldry said:

“The introduction of qualifications to improve standards of invigilation practice comes at an important time as questions continue unabated regarding the integrity and probity of high stakes examinations such as GCSE’s and A levels.”

Tony Breslin, IQ’s newly appointed chairman, said:

“I look forward to working with the IQ team and believe that they have laid the foundations for an organisation that will become a significant influence within the vocational awarding sector and perhaps in the fullness of time, secondary education.”

Andrew Harland, chief executive of EOA said:

“In the present climate, the EOA felt it needed to quickly fill the gap being left by past government programmes and IQ was very responsive in fulfilling that goal.”

Daisy Atkinson

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