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William Clarence Education welcomes two new members to its esteemed international university placement team

The leading London education consultancy announced the new appointments this week, and welcomed aboard two exceptional team members, taking on key new roles within the firm’s established University Placement Department.

Managing Director, Stephen Spriggs, expressed his confidence that Paul Kelly and Susie Cochin de Billy will be a valuable asset to the William Clarence team, bringing a wealth of experience and new ideas to the table.

Paul Kelly, appointed University Admissions Consultant at William Clarence, has formerly led the Careers and University Application departments at both Millfield School and Wycombe Abbey, and is a former Director of Placements at Gabbitas, another leading UK consultancy. Paul will also be overseeing summer schools placements for William Clarence, and assisting in establishing the firm in new regions, including Turkey.

The firm’s new US College Admissions Consultant, US-born Susie Cochin de Billy, has an extensive working knowledge of the unique challenges faced by international students when preparing for US college tests and applications, and has helped numerous applicants gain admission to some of the world’s highest ranked universities over the course of her educational career. Susie will be overseeing all new students wanting to move to the US college system.

Stephen Spriggs commented: “We are very excited about these new additions. Paul has an outstanding professional background in the field of school and university placements, and a comprehensive knowledge of the British higher education world, while Susie believes passionately in the advantages of the US university education system and has already seen some fantastic results. I am in no doubt that their expertise and experience will be invaluable to the growth and service provision of our client base around the world. We are extremely fortunate, and it is my pleasure to personally welcome them to our team.”

About William Clarence: William Clarence’s University Placement service advises on all university options, both course and institution, while also looking firmly to the future, and offers tailored advice from a team of graduates who both understand and care about university life. The firm has also handled many successful applications for Oxbridge and US Ivy League schools.

The firm has recently seen a surge in students, particularly those from China and The Gulf, wanting to apply for placements in both the UK and US, so the firm will be looking to its newest recruits to guide and coach them through this complex application and relocation process.

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