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NCFE stewarding qualification launched to enhance crowd safety

David Grailey is chief executive of NCFE, the national awarding organisation

With more than 30 million people expected to attend a football league match this season, NCFE, one of the UK’s leading qualification providers, is now aiming to ensure that the countries safety stewards are highly knowledgeable and of a world-class standing.

In response to the demands for “highly skilled” safety stewards NCFE is supporting stewards by offering a unique qualification to increase safety at football matches and other spectator events.

The NCFE Level 2 Certificate for Event Stewards is a comprehensive qualification for anyone considering or already working in the event management industry.

English football offers some of the best stadiums, supporters and players in the world and there is a demand for “highly skilled” stewards to ensure the safety of spectators, officials and players at each and every match.

The qualification covers a number of key issues and skills including health and safety, understanding and applying principles of spectator control, handling conflict events, promoting equal opportunities and personal safety.

Alasdair Downes, Director of Business Development at NCFE commented: “Spectator safety forms an incredibly important aspect of sport and recreation and we want to ensure that stewards are trained to the highest possible standards.”

“The course framework has been designed to incorporate a number of elements important in sustaining crowd control and crowd safety. We have also worked closely with SkillsActive to develop this course to the highest possible standard and the Certificate has already generated a great deal of positive feedback.”

The Football Safety Officers Association have given their full endorsement and the Football Licensing Authority have supported the qualification throughout the planning and development phase

Chris Mitchell

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