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2 Years of the #Levy, where will those unspent billions end up? Anne Milton has the answers

Anne Milton on the Apprenticeship Levy: From unused Levy pots, higher level and entry level Apprenticeships, to the Future of the Levy.

The Apprenticeship Levy is two years old on Saturday. How time flies!

Anne Milton, Minister of State for Skills and Apprenticeships took time out of what must be one very manic week to chat with us, to talk to you.

We recorded this podcast with the Minister where she answered all of these questions:

  • What are the highlights of the Apprenticeship Levy and what lessons have been learnt so far?
  • What is the situation with unused Apprenticeship Levy pots, as the two year deadline on ‘use it or lose it’ is coming up for some employers, what happens if an employer hasn’t spent their Levy pot, what happens to this potential pot of money?
  • It is great that we have had growth in higher level Apprenticeships and a work based learning progression route into Degree and Masters level Apprenticeships. This has been great for increasing productivity and retaining existing staff. Are there any more thoughts on encourage more Entry Level Apprenticeships or Apprenticeships with Micro Businesses and SMEs?
  • What is the Long term vision for the Apprenticeship Levy?

Please check out the podcast with Anne Milton to hear what she had to say about the Apprenticeship Levy:

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