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Future-Proofing FE Institutions Podcast Series – Episode 3: AI, Leadership, and the Future of Further Education

Join Richard Foster-Fletcher and Kurt Hintz in an insightful episode of their podcast on AI, Leadership, and the Future of Further Education as they tackle the pivotal topic of leadership strategies and future-proofing within the realm of artificial intelligence (AI) in further education (FE). This episode is a crucial listen for leaders and educators aiming to grasp the transformative influence of AI on education and society. They kick off the conversation with a preview of their leadership session, emphasising the importance of understanding AI’s potential harms and the necessity for a dialogue-driven approach to mitigate these risks.

As the episode progresses, Kurt and Richard dive into the essentials of AI implementation in education, discussing the need for structured policies and ethical frameworks. They address the complex ethical challenges that arise, such as biases in language generation and cultural impacts on ethical decision-making, highlighting the importance of transparency, external validation, and accountability.

The conversation also covers the significance of empowering educational staff, the role of sustainability, and the imperative of equity in AI applications, especially for smaller businesses. The duo concludes with thoughts on how further education funding could support rapid AI adaptability, stressing ethical considerations in AI’s educational roles and its broader societal implications.

This episode is an essential guide for FE leaders, offering deep insights into responsibly navigating the complex landscape of AI in education.

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