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Collaborative systems and thoughtful use of technology: Sally Dicketts discusses the future of the FE system

Sally Dicketts

FE News chat with Sally Dicketts, Group Chief Executive of Activate Learning. Sally Dicketts discusses the future of the FE system, particularly Collaborative systems and how thoughtful use of technology will help both the FE system, teachers and learners.

Sally hopes the FE system of the future will see more collaboration with employers and the world of work. She explains that with thoughtful use of ‘Big Data’ we can improve on the data we have already, then make better decisions about curriculum design and with improvements in technology this should also reduce the workload on teachers. Sally explains if we use technology more wisely, learning will be able to be more tailored and personalised to the learners and employers needs. She also hopes that if all of the above can fall into place then more money and energy can be spent on well being for staff and learners.

Sally also calls for more collaboration in IT and digital systems to meet the sector needs, with a requirement for a joined up approach to digital systems to meet the sector and multiple provider needs to create a more joined up system. We could then work more collaboratively, offer more time for learners to practice and collaboratively have more staff working with employers to understand what industry needs and wants through learning.

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