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Exploring Neurodiversity Podcast – Implementing Inclusivity to support Neurodiverse Learners

Welcome to Episode 4 and the final instalment of the #ExploringNeurodiversity podcast, a co-produced podcast mini-series brought to you by @FENews and @CognAssist.

In this episode your hosts Gavin O’Meara from FE News and Louise Karwowski, Head of Science at Cognassist are joined by Charles Dall’omo, CEO of Train Together and his colleague Nicola Clark, Senior Learning Coordinator at Train Together.

This episode of Exploring Neurodiversity is called Implementing Inclusivity. It is all centred around equipping teams to support Neurodiverse learners. We are joined by Charles who will share some ideas and tips from a CEO or Leader perspective and Nicola from a delivery and operational perspective. Nicola is an Inclusivity Champion, so it is fantastic to hear from someone who has lived and successfully breathed successful inclusivity implementation.

Charles discusses how communication is key, not just with the team and staff members, but also with key stakeholders. Charles shares some tips on how they successfully rolled out an inclusive model in their Training Provider.

Nicola then shares how to support individual Neurodiverse learners, but most importantly how to equip and support all of the team to support learners.

Please check out the podcast below to hear how Charles and Nicola have Implemented Inclusivity to support Neurodiverse learners, so #NoLearnerIsLeftBehind:

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