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From Severe Depression to Six Figure Business

A young South Londoner had spent lockdown working with his therapist to create a half book, half journal and now has his first-ever six-figure business after beating his depression.  

In 2017, Ted Lawlor, 23, faced a depression so bad that it was shutting down his immune system, leaving the uni student with marks over his face.  

Fortunately, Ted found the power of manifestation and used it to help him see the light and get his life back on track, he’s now on a mission to share this power with the world via The Manifestation Journal.  

Despite focusing on his mindset, the 23-year-old still suffered from anxiety caused by his depression, so he approached a therapist to help him out and spoke to him for the first time on the If Only They Knew Podcast hosted by Ted.  

The therapist was Robert Hisee, 44, who is known as the UK’s #1 Unconscious Mind Therapist, who has spent over a decade working with high-profile clients such as Olympian Dame Kelly Holmes, platinum-selling artist Tom Zanetti and footballing legend Paul Gascoigne.  

After understanding the knowledge that Robert had accumulated over his decade’s worth of work, the duo decided to combine their experience and expertise to help as many people as they could improve their mental health and productivity, creating The Manifestation Journal.  

Ted said “After making it out of the dark hole I was in, I realised the negative impact that having no vision for the future can have on your mental health.”


The Manifestation Journal is a guided journal that helps the user to improve their mental health and manifest their true desires. Despite only launching in October 2021, the journal has become a best seller, been endorsed by UK celebs and featured on TV and in the National Press.  

“Robert and I spent months during lockdown researching the scientific evidence behind manifestation, ensuring that we not only taught people the science behind manifesting, but also the practical steps to change their mindsets and ultimately their life.”

After creating a 6 figure business in such a short space of time, Ted states

“I’m just so grateful that I was able to overcome my own mental challenges and so proud that we are now helping other people change their lives too!”

“If I can help change people’s lives from a book that I created in my bedroom, then it makes me realise how powerful we can all be in helping to change the world.”

Robert Hisee says

“We want to make a change in people’s mindsets because COVID made everyone think about what they DON’T want instead of focusing on what they do want.”

Together, the South London duo plan to continue helping people to reprogram their minds and hope to make a huge difference in the world.

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