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Helping young people develop confidence to articulate their skills to future employers #Skills2030

Dr Jamie Mackay, Employment Expert, MAKEMEAVIDEOCV

This week, @FENews have been in Barcelona at #CanvasCon and their EdTech event designed to enhance teaching and learning.

This year, the focus has been on lifelong learning and developing skills for 2030.

Join us as we catch up with Dr Jamie Mackay, one of the keynote speakers from this year’s event, as he examines the new Instructure Skills Study: Preparing for the workplace

I’ve just come out of a roundtable focusing on 2030 skills of the workplace, where there was the launch of this report from Canvas, joined by colleagues from Canvas, from Instrucure, from FE News, from Education Policy Institute, from Grimsby Institute, from Global Academy, and a few other organisations as well.

Some really interesting discussions about skills, I think we all agreed that there definitely are skills gaps, particularly around soft skills. Something we were talking about is what exactly are those soft skills? What are we doing to help young people, and people, develop those skills? To be able to be in a confident position where they can articulate them to themselves, but also to their future employers as well.

Something I think we really agreed on is there is a lot of work to be done, collaborating and working together, getting government, getting education and business to come together and work together to help address that.

I think there’s a piece about educating the educators as well, helping those who are perhaps unfamiliar with some educational technology that is out there, such as the Campus Learning Management System. Using the technology that is out there to help develop those skills, and put people in a better position to be able to develop and articulate those to future employers.

Dr Jamie Mackay, Employment Expert, MAKEMEAVIDEOCV

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