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“Make it a movement, not a moment.” – new podcast tackles diversity in Accountancy

@KaplanUK’s Learn Better Podcast is a brand new series that covers all of the hot topics within and around the field of accountancy and higher education.

This recent episode highlights the all important issue of diversity – or lack of it – within the professional services in the UK.

Guest Alice Olafare, Co-found of New Gen Accountants (NGA), shares her experiences and what led her to co-founding this community initiative. She discusses the challenges diverse candidates may face, the resources they can lean on for support, and the benefits of a diverse workforce for everyone.

“There is also diversity of thought … it’s really important to get those different points of views, because that means we have a more holistic view.”

This thought provoking discussion explores what diversity is, why it is important within the accounting profession, and how to champion it and give longevity to the movements that have taken place over the past year.

“Never underestimate your ability to have influence.”

Tune in now to join the discussion.

Meet your host

Stuart Pedley SmithStuart Pedley-Smith, Head of Learning for Kaplan Financial

Stuart has been involved with training and educating finance professionals for over 25 years. During this time he has become fascinated by how people learn, improving students’ chances of passing exams, and how the world of finance continues to change and evolve.

This series gives him a chance to talk to a whole range of interesting people about some of these things.

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You will see subjects covered such as:

  • Sleep and study
  • 24 hours before an exam (what to do)
  • How sustainability and accountancy are linked
  • Accountancy around the world
  • Apprenticeship vs University (which route?)

And more!

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