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Podcast with Gingerbread’s Rosie Ferguson on working with returners to work

Rosie Ferguson, CEO, Gingerbread

The FE News team chat with Gingerbread’s CEO Rosie Ferguson about best practice and engaging returns to work at the ERSA annual conference.

Rosie explains that Gingerbread has a specialism in working with single parents. She gives us an update as to the challenges and solutions to helping single parents return to sustainable working environments.

Rosie discusses the importance of flexible working for single parents and the obstacles or reluctance of mentioning flexible working to employers for single parents. She then explains how employers can re-assess roles to see they could be more flexible to accommodate returners to work or parents, and how offering schemes such as the Childcare Deposit scheme can be really attractive to returners to work.

Please click on the podcast below to hear what Rosie has to say:


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