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What is the Role of Work-Based Learning for Business?

What is the Role of Work-Based Learning for Business?

This podcast provide a unique opportunity to hear three CEOs of leading multinational companies, during an urgent time in history when the gap between the skills people have and the skills business needs is widening, driven by mega trends including technology, demographics, globalization and climate change.

We catch a glimpse from them on how to change mindsets and motivate collective action to builds skills for a future of good work through a partnership between education and employment.

What is needed to build a robust partnership that can help people, business and communities keep pace with the changes in the workforce and unlock new opportunities? 

What role does work-based learning play as an approach to bridge the skills gap?

For this episode, we brought together partners and member companies, represented by the following individuals:

  • Manon Bosma, Managing Director, Talent and Organization within the Communications, Media and Technologies Industries in Europe, Accenture;
  • Laurent Freixe, GAN Chair, Executive Vice President and CEO Zone Americas, Nestlé;
  • Alain Dehaze, CEO, The Adecco Group;
  • Thomas D Meyer, former Country Managing Director, Accenture Switzerland.

Listen in to learn more about main incentives for a company to adopt work-based learning programmes; ROI figures to justify the investment; who in the company needs to be convinced on the business case for work-based learning; their visions on the future of employment in their particular sectors; what skills do we need to cultivate to navigate the Future of Work; where lifelong learning fits into the equation; and if there is a ROI for companies who invest more in lifelong learning.

Global Apprenticeship Network GAN · SkillingNow Podcast – Episode 4 – What is the role of work-based learning for business?

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