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Creating e-Learning Materials? Use A Professional Voiceover

voiceover for e-learning course

Using a voiceover for your e-learning materials makes it more professional, effective and useful. It can also help you to engage your learners more.

Whilst you can record the course voiceover yourself, it’s worth considering using a professional English voiceover. This is because it takes certain skills to be able to record a good voice-over and it has to be high-quality, otherwise it could detract from the professionalism of the learning material and your brand.

Still undecided? Checkout these key features of a professional e-learning English voiceover:

Adding A Valuable Conversational Tone

It can be very easy to sound a little robotic when you try to record your own voiceover. A professional voiceover actor is able to create a conversational, encouraging tone that helps to hold your audience’s attention and help them to connect with the subject matter at hand.

Premium Sound-Editing & Recording

Without your own professional recording equipment you will struggle to create a sound quality that matches the quality of your content. Even with the equipment that comes with hiring a recording studio, without a good sound-editor you may find that the finer details of the recording and the way it is integrated with your e-learning programme still falls short of the standard you want.

However, when you use a voiceover agency, the voice actor, equipment and editingall come as a package to ensure the most professional results.

Better Accessibility

In addition, a good quality voice-over allows the millions of people with sight loss in the UK to access your course. The 11% with limited English language skills will also benefit from the additional communication on your course, which boosts the overall understanding of the course content.

A Better Way Of Learning?

Research shows that online learning can help students to learn more efficiently because they can re-watch sections that they were unsure about or didn’t understand. With the addition of a voiceover that boosts learning capability further, making your course even more effective and accessible. However, compared to in-classroom learning, there are also some disadvantages such as the lack of opportunity for impromptu discussions and students showing less inclination to ask questions online.

Adding Extra Value

The value you offer through your course is mixed and comes down to multiple factors, such as the quality of the content, the way the content comes across, and the effectiveness of the course itself. Whilst a voiceover will not account for the entire value of an e-learning course, it does add to it, and is a benefit that you can actively promote.

Offering Overall Better Understanding

A crisp and clean voiceover actor on your e-learning materials provides better understanding of the course content, and better learning capability overall. However, if the voiceover is not of a high quality, without the enunciation you get from a professional voiceover actor, it can actively detract from the course content and might even be a distraction from the learning materials.

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