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Ofsted announces new Common Inspection Framework for 2012

Ofsted’s Mathew Coffey yesterday announced the group’s new Common Inspection Framework for September 2012.

The framework, which can be downloaded online from the Ofsted website, demonstrates continued vigilance in education, and the result of continued surveying by Ofsted in order to remain up-to-date with the educational climate and its modern requirements.

Speaking to FE News, Coffey gave his thanks to the large number of people within the sector who had responded to the framework, showing the breadth of interest amongst those who want to be involved in structuring new A levels. Coffey also commented on those institutions that have willingly test driven the framework, through pilot inspections, both live and without notice. He attributed this involvement to the strong relationship between Ofsted and education providers, both of whom are striving to improve the quality of education and raise standards for learners and improve lives.

By keeping open the lines of communication between Ofsted and education providers, Coffey believes Ofsted can “further support improvements in the sector to improve standards for learners,” and also hold them to account over the results of the venture.

Coffey’s final point concerned pre-Apprenticeship training. After a good response to the Good Practice Server Report, he concluded that the most successful Apprenticeship programmes are for learners still at school.

Coffey promoted the idea of young people engaging as early as possible with employers, as those who do so through work experience, or a pre-Apprenticeship programme, are more likely to enter successfully into employment afterwards.

Daisy Atkinson

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