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Towards maturity comes of age

LSC funded learning technology project moves on with new phase

Having successfully completed the objectives set at its commencement, Towards Maturity, the LSC funded e-skills UK project is now moving towards another new phase of exciting development. Aimed at helping organizations improve the impact of innovative learning technologies at work, the project is exploring how employers utilize the same at work places.

Towards Maturity currently supports a community of over 1000 organizations with research, case studies and contributions from an ever-increasing virtual advisory network. Due to its success, the project has formed a community interest company of its own- Towards Maturity CIC. It aims at lending its benefits to an even wider slew of employers and learning providers.

The effective or as they say, “mature” use of learning technologies has the power to revolutionize skills development for staffs at work place. Although its use is becoming increasingly popular in Britain, due to lack of knowledge or awareness many companies fail to recognize the benefits of investing.

To make learners, parents and employers aware of the gifts of learning technology, Towards Maturity has collaborated with Becta and the Next Generation Learning campaign in order to contribute towards its development.

Karen Price, CEO of e-skills UK says:

‘Technology is transforming the way that we live and learn – we started this project three years ago and are thrilled with the way that organizations and individuals from a broad range of sectors have contributed and benefited. This is the next logical step to extend this success beyond the project life and provide ongoing collaboration across such a diverse network.”

Jane Williams, Becta’s Executive Director, FE, Regeneration and Delivery has pointed out that “understanding the way technology caters to the learning and development needs of employers and employees at work is indispensable.”

Laura Overton, the new managing director of Towards Maturity CIC has commented:

“The focus of our team has always been about finding and sharing practical advice that makes a difference to those implementing learning at work. Moving forward our aim is to continue to simplify and distil these lessons learned and make them more widely available.”

Rinku Chatterjee

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