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Award-winning chef Chantelle Nicholson partners with Sodexo’s schools and universities business

Sodexo has appointed Chantelle Nicholson as a consultant chef to support the continued development of its school and universities business.

Sustainability is central to the partnership with Sodexo and Chantelle, who share similar philosophies and have the joint goal of giving children and young people the opportunity to make healthy and sustainable food choices that support their health and wellbeing.

The partnership will see Chantelle, chef patron at the new sustainable restaurant Apricity , which consciously reconsiders every aspect of the operation from menus to washing dishes to ensure it is low waste, work alongside Sodexo’s culinary team to drive innovation in menu development with a focus on healthy and plant-rich dishes designed to be served to children and young people  

Chantelle will also play a key role in developing the next generation of culinary talent by providing work placements at her Mayfair-based restaurant.

Chantelle, who was former chef-owner of popular restaurant Tredwells, which was the recipient of a green Michelin star in 2021, is an advocate for seasonality and sustainability, championing veg-forward cooking through both her restaurant and her cookbook, Planted.

Sodexo’s school and universities business provides school meals to over 500 state schools and over 70 independent schools in the UK. They also offer on-campus food and FM services at around 100 university locations across the UK and Ireland.

Chantelle Nicholson, Chef Patron, Apricity Restaurant and Chef Consultant, Schools &

Universities said:

“I am delighted to be working with Sodexo, who share my belief in the importance of sustainability and seasonality. I am very much looking forward to working together and helping the team to create some fantastic healthy dishes and provide meaningful work experience to people at my restaurant.

“I am committed to creating a more sustainable future and making sure children and young people make healthy choices to eat well now and in the future is a big part of this.”

Philip Smith, CEO, schools and universities Sodexo UK & Ireland said:

“We’re delighted to be partnering with Chantelle and excited to see what her expertise will bring to our food offering. Chantelle will be supporting us with signature dishes development, chef training, as well as pupil engagement at some of our school sites. In addition, we are looking to work with Chantelle to support her passion for sustainability within the food industry.

“Chantelle is one of the UK’s leading restauranteurs, and we know she’ll be an inspiration to all involved.”

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