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BMG builds on customer relations and effective communication through the DEBI

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With their motto ‘Engagement Through Emotion’, Border Motor Group (BMG) appreciates the importance of excellent customer service to both internal and external customers.

Following on from their recent World Host – Principles of Customer Service training, customer-facing staff recently took part in a Communications and Personal Impact session with @BordersCollege Department of Enterprise and Business Innovation (DEBI).

During the session, the group looked at how important effective communications are within their working environment and how they could adapt their approach to suit a particular setting. In addition to spoken communication, the use of emails was examined and how to make them more effective.

The training, funded through the Flexible Workforce Development Fund (FWDF), saw participants Edward Fell, Rachael Linton, Sam Millar, David Sherratt and Kayleigh Young have meaningful discussions on how to deal with difficult communications, whilst remaining professional. 

From open discussions, it was clear that the candidates realised the value of a positive personal impact when communicating with customers and how this can enhance the customer experience.

When asked at the end of the session what they would be taking forward, the group collectively commented on the importance of self-awareness, how they felt more confident in dealing with situations in a more assertive way, as well as the value of listening actively to what the customer had to say and respond in a positive way.

Borders College Accounts Manager Susan Rennie commented: 

“Working closely with Craig Anderson, Head of Business at Border Motor Group in St Boswells, enabled the development of this training programme to enhance the World Host – Principles of Customer Service that Border Motor Group staff have recently undertaken.  The DEBI look forward to developing future working relationships with Craig and the team.”

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