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Children’s book created by student supports children preparing for school

A children’s book helping young children prepare for school and inspired by her studies at the University has been published by a student.

Jen Poulton created the book, I Feel Ready for School, after completing a module on her Master’s in Early Childhood which focused on the emotional wellbeing and resilience in young children. 

The book includes activities for children and parents to help prepare young children to transition to school.

Jen, 46, from Macclesfield, said:

“The book is a colouring and activity book with a poem that reads as a story through the book. The pages also include positive affirmations, thought-provoking questions and ideas to create lasting memories while getting ready for school. It also features 150 activity ideas for the summer, including lots of ideas for pretend play, outdoor adventures, building and construction, sensory play, calming exercises and crafts.”

The book was a family affair with Jen enlisting the help of her artist sister to bring her ideas to life.

She added:

“My sister is a graphic designer and kindly offered to help me illustrate the book. It soon turned into a collaboration as she was able to turn my poor attempts at images into lovely pictures for children to colour! Big thanks to her!”

Jen said she was inspired to write the book after studying the Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience in Early Childhood module led by Senior Lecturer, Deb Ravenscroft.

The module which inspired Jen, explores the ways in which adults can support young children’s emotional development and the strategies that young children use to cope at times of stress and anxiety, discussing theories of attachment and the baby brain development and how children are supported in their emotional development.

Jen said: “The module really highlighted to me that the most important way a child can be ready for school is through personal, social and emotional preparedness. That sparked the idea to create a fun book to encourage the child and families to share experiences together. I tried to think of activities they could do that would help them build self-confidence, build resilience, build relationships and improve their mood.

“It would be great if it could help just one child feel a little more confident, help support their emotional resilience and wellbeing and provide some ideas for families of things to do in the summer.”  

Deb Ravenscroft, Senior Lecturer in the University’s School of Education, said:

“I am delighted to see this little book which has been inspired by the module. At its heart is the emotional wellbeing of young children as they prepare for their transition to school. It is full of activities for parents and carers to share based around a poem and will offer a fun way to head into the summer and onwards to the excitement of starting school.”

The book is available for purchase here

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