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Dynabook re-awarded leading position on the new and prestigious NDNA framework

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Dynabook UK today announces its successful selection for the provision of client PC hardware and related services to the National Desktop and Notebook Agreement (NDNA).

Under the NDNA framework, Dynabook will be working directly with its current partner and leading circular IT provider, Stone Group, while also forming two new partnerships with leading IT providers, SCC and Insight.

After 15 years on the tender, Dynabook has secured its spot once again on the NDNA framework. Following a competitive and rigorous process involving technical product testing, Dynabook has been awarded a position on the three-year framework, which began on the 1 November 2022, with an option for a single year extension to 31 October 2026.

The NDNA framework, which is managed by the London Universities Purchasing Consortium (LUPC), allows members within the Higher Education sector and associated public sector organisations throughout the UK, to purchase a range of Desktop and Notebook PCs, in addition to associated services.

Dynabook’s award for both the provision of Notebook PC’s (Lot 2) and leading position of ‘One-Stop Shop’ (Lot 3) with partner Stone Group, will enable universities and affiliated colleges in the UK with the option to select Dynabook as a leading supplier.

Under the NDNA agreement, Dynabook will be supplying universities across the UK via Stone Group, Insight and SCC with thousands of mobile devices, giving customers the choice and flexibility of entry-level laptops through to high-level devices.

The four main Dynabook mobile devices that will be rolled out to UK universities include the 13.3-inch Portégé X30L, 14-inch Portégé X40W, 14-inch Tecra A40 and 15-inch Tecra A50.

“We’re thrilled to have achieved a place on the framework for the National Desktop and Notebook Agreement once again,” said Dawn Henderson, Education Sales Lead at Dynabook Europe GmbH.

“The NDNA framework provides Dynabook with an opportunity to give education institutions access to the very best technology so that admin staff, lecturers and students are better equipped, whether it is in lecture theatres or hybrid working environments. Through the NDNA framework, our partnerships with Stone, SCC and Insight are an essential part of how we continue to fulfil our ongoing commitment to offering the education sector with carefully engineered, reliable, secure and robust devices.”    

Antony Mellor, Sales Director, Tertiary Education & Public Sector Framework Lead at Stone Group said,

“Stone is really pleased to be partnering once again with Dynabook on the NDNA framework, for the supply of mobile devices on Lot 2. It is a partnership that has worked well on the previous NDNA agreements, and we look forward to strengthening the position we hold together, maintaining our joint approach of providing high-quality End User Devices with a strong Value Add and Service proposition.

Dynabook has proven to be a trusted partner over many years, and Stone look forward to continuing to grow our business, through the new framework. In addition to the Lot 2 partnership, we are in the enviable position of being First Ranked Supplier on Lot 3, where the ‘One Stop Shop’ approach enables Stone and Dynabook to work directly with institutions to enable a simple route-to-market for hassle-free and compliant procurement.” 

Rebecca Tyler, Branch Manager for Education at SCC said,

“As Europe’s largest independent IT solutions firm, SCC is delighted to have been awarded as a partner for Dynabook UK, giving us a position on the new NDNA Framework Agreement. The Framework will enhance SCC’s route to market for our rapidly expanding education business and unlocks more opportunities to support our customers with their End User Computer requirements.

As education institutions seek to establish themselves in this hybrid working environment, it is crucial we are providing the technology and expertise to universities, staff and students to enable them to thrive and accelerate, wherever they are.”

Emma Holland, Education Sales Manager at Insight said,

“It’s great to be collaborating with a new partner as part of the NDNA framework. Together with Dynabook we will work to transform how educational institutions operate in the future, through Dynabook’s lightweight, reliable and robust mobile devices for staff and students alike.

We’re very much looking forward to embarking on this journey with Dynabook to support universities across the UK with their bespoke technology requirements.”

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